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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  October 22, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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something. you need to look at the corporate bond market. >> i've had it with europe. i've been listening to mario draghi talk and the germaning go, i don't think so, we'll have a talk about that. >> we got to go. more to come. in fact on "fast money" in just a few moments. i'll take it from here. "fast money" starts right now, live from the nasdaq marketsite in new york city, the trader are dan nating. pete najarian, signs of weakness in this market, dow component boeing driving down the indent. weep have the latest on that stock coming up. more than 2.5%. new data out today, saying inventories rose more than expected. how should we decipher this? lower oil is good for the consumer, but what does it tell
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you about the economy? >> yes, i guess it's good for the consumer, but is it great for the economy? when you see oil down towards 80 in the last couple hours, that absolutely was part of at least the biggest part why the market flipped to the down side. then you look at the volatility index spike right back up. we had gotten down into the 15s. we were over 31 just a week ago, so the volatility is back in the marketplace, the volatility is volatile, and that's the market we're sitting in. extremely volatile, headlines leading us all the way. >> i wonder what you think, brian kelly, in terms of the consumer. we always get lots of tweets say it's great for us, because it costs us less to fill up our tanks and heat our home. nat gas is also down. >> there wouldn't be something that irritates me quite more than that, because it's just not true. yes, it's true of is it better for the consumer? certainly.
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we are a major oil exporter, texas, north dakota, the whole shale boom, the energy revolution we're talking about, that lower oil prices impact us. retail sales not the tragic shooting, but the retail sales are much lower than expected. they're a major oil exporter. so is the -- not exporter, so is the u.s. major oil and producer, so it is a double-edged sword. everybody is talking about -- it's not -- it's coming off the company balance sheets, so that's not good for the market. >> you know what else doesn't make sense. because that means the economy is growing, to things are going well. either way it's a win/win scenario. it doesn't make any sense. so what do you say? >> i'm in the camp, if what was going down for the right reasons, it would be a constructive thing, and that would be more the supply thing, the world is coming to an
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equilibrium, yeah, i get the fact that gas is cheaper, it feels better when you go to the gasoline station, but i don't think it all goes well for the economy globe. so i'm not as constructive in terms of the price of oil going lower. >> what do we do from here? in tandem, we saw a drop in oil stocks, with the xle down along with oil. >> they had a nice bounce back. i think they got oversold, but i don't think you get near them. >> all oil stocks. >> listen, it's not my bag, anyway, but i'm going to tell you i think there's a massive demand issue for weeks, leading up to the last leg down. when you think about the large u.s. multinationals that you think should benefit from lower input costs, they really have a lot of head winds, so to me i don't think you want to be in large u.s. multinationals. >> but today's move, was that
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because of demand issues? >> i think it's a sentiment thing, i really do. we had this bowen back, and a lot of people called it last week that we got oversold. the equity markets bounced back. i think it was a reflex action. guy has been on this, he says 110, when we get back to the wim, and it tests and it failed, those are bad levels. same thing with the s&p 500, 1950, that was the prior breakdown level. it failed there today. >> and we hit 1950 today. my point is not that. my point is when you look at oil, did it go down, because suddenly demand overnight suddenly changed? or was it something else? we have watched timed and time against how folks will be absolutely getting flushed out of their position. >> so you think that's what's at play? >> so it was not demand that suddenly changed from -- >> until noon.
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>> but the move tells you something. >> we certainly have a lot of supply, but when you look at the europe economy, it's? shambles. japanese economy in shambles. china just put $100 into their barracks in 30 days. remember we put $700 in the worst financial crisis of our histo history, so $100 billion in 30 days is a lot of money. you. >> ump a nonbeliever that the flush was other. i thought it was -- i think you're going to get an opportunity. i think exxon is really interests here. you want to talk about oil, you want to go three literations down units derivatives. >> the boeing quarter today was not that bad, not enough to have that sell-off, in my opinion. they crushed e.p.s. and crushed on revenues. i'm hard pressed to fully understand why it sold off to the level it did.
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>> but -- ands it's declining, so you have a situation where the guidance wasn't as good on the headlines as it looked. >> i want to get to the broader markets. the losses you saw accelerating, dropping 153 points, by just under a percent on the back of that being move lower. the dow rolled over, despite what looked like a pretty good report. >> and dow should be one of those companies that is benefiting from lower input costs. i mean, that's a huge part of what they do. >> and they said as much. >> so, again, that tells me that investors are concerned more about the demand side of it. what concerned me the most about today, which i thought was interesting, was tlt was flat. even though we had a dow down 150, or handles on the s&p, tlt was completely flat. if there's one thing that would get me ultra-bearish, is that if we got rising rates and a bad economy. >> and you also have a -- i
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think this is what's going on with oil, too. i think went from glass half full to glass half empty, and it's a so me story. so my trade very simple is i'm actually short the d.i.a. the etf on the dow. i don't like those 30 companies, i don't like how they're exposed, and i don't like the fact that they're not benefiting. >> how about the way the airlines have traded? you look for opportunities, quality names under the circumstances. delta already gave us a report. when we look at they airline names, they were down. american, united, delta. >> but certainly up today? >> they traded very well. bk, it was trading 50. >> i'm looking at delta right here. it hit 38, which was resistance -- or support before, now it's resistance, rolled over with oil. i would think if there's not an economic issue, then that stock should be -- >> where was that stock exactly
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a week ago? when you look at american, it was trading $29. trading 40, so when you look at the big composite. they are absolutely off the charts. you expect allege pullback. as a matter of fact i think it's a good idea to lighten up. despite the fact i like what they're doing, i think you lighten up. i do want the news on at&t. let's get to morgan brennan. >> hi, melissa, the teleko reported 63 cents per share, a penny shy of estimates, revenue of $33 billion also missing the street in the wireless segment, net additions of post subscribers, and post-paid churn also missed estimates. at&t cutting its revenue guidance as well to 3% to 4% for the full year. what the street has been expecting, but lowering than the company's earlier 5% growth forecast, all of that is weighing in the stock.
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i6r789r. >> dan, you were a holder of at&t? >> i bought it in august. also no dollar exposure. which is when the dollar started moving up. i sold it before the results today, because just -- if you're a consumer, you see the price war that's going on, and it's evident in the numbers here. >> i think it will be sloppy for some time now, and i don't think this is a space you want to be. how long does the park typically fare? paul hickey crunched the numbers. he joins us now. great to see you. >> good to be here. >> what should we expect? >> they kinds of periods, the decline was shocking to a lot of people, but i think the rebound was even more shocking. we looked at this three-week period we had seen. we compared it to every other
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15-days period in the s&p 500. ened we found ten periods with the highest correlation to what we're seeing now. you tornado ton a market average game of about 1%, but ups and downs. the average maximum drawdown over that one-month period, and it's only two periods where we saw a decline of under 1%. so our view is i think we'll by higher than that at the end of the year, but i think investors are going to be better served waiting for, you know, a bit of a sell offin the next couple weeks. there is some sort of pullback.
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and what periods were the maximum drawdowns in? do you remember? >> i don't have them off the top of my head, but -- in all through three periods you saw a decline of more than 2%. so you tend to see some sort of pullback. and you saul a pullback of almost 7%. >> the bottom line based on this analysis is there will be another pullback to buy if you missed out. if you believe that the market is going higher by the end of the year, and you do. >> you know, i missed out,
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should i go in right here, in the next two weeks, we might expect a pullback here. >> would you agree? >> i totally agree. >> what you want to look for. johnson & johnson, a great record. today it's 101. >> we have some breaking news here. witch to go back to michelle caruso-cabrera. get. >> usual official has confirmed the name of the man killed inside the canadian parliament. his make is michael zehaf-bibeau. he just turned 32 years old, born october 18th, 19th 82. once again the identity is michael zehaf-bibeau, 32 years old just a few days ago. that's all we know at this
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point. the other individual who died today was a canadian soldier, who we presume was shot, perhaps by this individual, allegedly, or we're still waiting to confirm whether or not the police in ottawa believe there was more than one shooter involved in today's incident. >> michelle caruso-cabrera, thank you. is a big dip always a good type to -- that's next. plus we've got an exclusive interview with the ceo of a biotech company. today alone, the details on the hepatit hepatitis-c. coming up on fast. uhhh. no, that can't happen. that's the thing, you don't know how long it has to last. everyone has retirement questions. so ameriprise created the exclusive.. confident retirement approach. now you and your ameripise advisor can get the real answers you need. well, knowing gives you confidence. start building your confident retirement today.
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because health is everything.
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that's what guy calls dancing. should you buy the dip edition? we kick it off with 3-d editions, and this due to many -- so buy this dip, yes or no? >> no way. people, this is what it light like to see a bubble burst. >> they keep telling us that demand is really good, but
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they're misexecuting. the shorts have this right. some of you regular viewers with recognize this. it just exiting the triangle. listen, there is no support for i don't know where. i would avoid this one. >> what happened to your basket of factory in a box. >> love the space, factory in a box, i bought a whole basket, thought i would own them five years, but it turned out to be five weeks. i like the space. i think there's huge potential, but when the stocks are acting like that, up to pull the ripcord. >> seriously. >> i think the reality, at least in my opinion, a lot of names were overhyped, overbought, overvalued. i think it's hewlett-packard stealing share.
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>> they don't have 3-d printers, how did they steal share. >> typically correct. >> he knows a lot, doesn't he? >> you know where it should trade down to now. >> that's where it feels like it's going. right about the t.o.d., that's where you buy it back. >> triangle of death, t.o.d. >> stay with us here, mel. next up, boulder brands, falling to a 52-week low. now, remember we sat down with the ceo just last month, asked him about his recent stock sale. take a listen. you're planning to sell 550,000 shares. what kind of confident do you have in the company if you're liquidating holdings? >> this represents with all vested options, about 20% of my
5:19 pm
holdings. i started this company about scratch nine years ago. you know, for the first five years, took little or no income, put money into the company. so it really is -- i am very bullish about the future of this company. first stock i've sold. again, i think it's the prudent thing to do, because i think relative to overall financial planning, but i think it's something, you know, that i think any other ceo might be do in my position. >> he made that filings with the s.e.c. the day before the labor day weekend, and just earlier this month, he registered another plan with the s.e.c. to final another 100,000 shares over the next 90 days. what do you say? >> i don't know if i'm going to step in front of this. the guidance, that wasn't very good, what we heard today. and is there more sales coming? i mean, this is a bit concerning
5:20 pm
right now. we can understand why there's a monster short in here, but the 9 million shares, it seems like that's a flushing thing. is it a flush? enough of a flush? 500,000 a day trades 9 million shares today on this big plunge. on it's getting close, but i still feel like there will be pressure on this stock. >> you know what made an all-time high today? >> i don't know. >> hain. >> okay. hain. we talked abouter win i'mens, numerous times. every pullback has been a buying opportunity, a phrase i seldom use. this is one i do. i like hain still. >> i would not buy boulder brands here. one, the fundamentals are clearly deteriorating, but when and you have ceo -- nobody's going to be -- >> yes. >> -- taking 20% of his holdings, because hi started his company, he absolutely should. it's the extra 100,000 he just did. that concerns me. i would stay far away.
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swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. yelp is sevening after reporting earnings, so let's check back with dom. >> what we have here is yelp posting better than expected third-quarter results. the number of users in the third quarter was a little bit light. currently trading down -- you can see about 15% near the after-market lows. the company did also offer a fourth quarter sales forecast that missed some expectations, so shares taking a brunt of this hit on a heavy trade, about 3.7
5:25 pm
million shares have already transact transacted. >> dan? >> let me spell it out. this is a company that nobody cared about for years until the internet mania of 2013-14 hit. so you see it was trading at a ridiculous valuation, so when you have this certificate of deceleration, watch out below. >> let's switch -- do you agree? you think dan is right? >> that's not true. oh, come on, i don't think that does a viewer any sort of if you disagree with them blindly. i don't blindly agree with anybody -- well, there's one person. >> i don't know where that came from. >> all right. let's switch gears here. pete is buying some unusual activity, amd is the name. we've watched this name fall off
5:26 pm
the end of the earth, getting closer and closer all the time. it's not far off the 52-week lows. last week you had the microchip sinus, and then another bat report, but today we have more put buying. the november 28th sxirk puts, the 2.5., over 5,000 of those were bought. people continue to see more down side. i'm not in this, but i can't blame people. it just seems to be lower and lower. >> they also have a new kreismt on the which could set the stage for some bar-lowering, so to speak. >> i don't think you buy ahead of that. >> the new ceo comes in, they do the kitchen sink quarter, that's the day you buy. coming up, the biggest underground of the day. and we have an exclusive interview on the heels of the hepatitis-c breakthrough. that is up more than 100%, today alone. we'll be right back.
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it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $89.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. time now for pops and drops. a big pop for i-robot, up 14%. >> great quarter, great guidance. i know valuation is a little
5:30 pm
ridiculous, but i think it could trade between 43 and 45, then pull the ripword. >> pete? >> great quarter, the revenue up 22%, they absolutely smashed. it's a stock that was brought down last week with microchip and all the rest. i think you can wait and then have a better opportunity a bit lower. >> massive drop for angie's list. >> just terrible earnings. one may say they got a bad review -- >> nice -- >> from weight. wow, is this on? >> i'm making you squirm. yeah, they got it down here. here's the problem. next year, 2015, they expect earnings growth. i'm not sure where it comes, especially giving what they're saying about their own business. this is not one i would try to -- i think you can wait probably another 10% here.
5:31 pm
>> soaring more than 100% today on news of the single-dose of hepatitis-c. over 29 days. let's bring in the president and ceo. and biotech reporter. great to have you with us. thank you for your time. >> certainly excited about the development. can you walk us through where you see the opportunity. given there's so many hep-c drugs. >> certainly. when you're faced with a devastating disease, a viral infection, you want to go after the virus as hard as you can, as strong as you can, and you'd like to keep. the profile of your drugs to absolutely optimal condition. we think, therefore, if you decrease likous, and the name of our drug is rg-101, that has been providing a mechanism of
5:32 pm
action, we think that you could potential use these in combination with an oral direct antiviral to increase compliance, to increase essentially the response rates, to increase the overall safety and toll rabbitity of the combination, and potential shorten the -- >> doctor, do you see this as a frontline treatment for patients in combination with the -- or is it more for the hard to retreat or relapsed patients? >> yeah, that's a very good question. one that we are seriously evaluating together with our key opinion leaders. clearly the data we presented today are so impressive that it would not be justice to the compound and overall development program of our company if we don't serially consider front line therapy as well. that of course has to happen in combination with any of the approved drugs. the johnson laboratories
5:33 pm
protease inhibitor. the history of treatment of patients did not influence the outcome of our study, so we have, that essentially is effective in all kinds of patients, at least the different kinds. >> in terms of the next rg will have 101, what's your intention in terms of doing it alone? when you have a partnership with gsk, specifically for hcv, except for rg-101 specifically. what are you going to do down the road? >> we're going to be looking to advance the program very aggressively photographed. we announced plans today to initiate a phase 2 combination study in the first half of next year. of course our goal is to pri to
5:34 pm
prove that it's a very, very potent, very disruptive agent that would help hepatitis-c patients. we would likely to to combine -- and therefore discussions with the companies in the are on the way to decide which is probably the best combination. it is not going to be gsk, which has been a very useful partners, because gsk has no strategic interest in hepatitis-c. >> maybe you can change that -- kind of alering that or getting out of it, and maybe also just address clearly the market was incredibly surprised by these data. why was there so much doubt about its success? >> well, to remind you. reg ululls, is micronase. you have a new pool of targets that have been not been
5:35 pm
addressed before, as a basis for developing new drugs, and you add that to the complexity of new chemical entities that interact. so we like that. that's the core of any biotech innovative company. that's how we think, if you take those risks, the rewards will be great. so what we saw today is not only the reaction to the rg-101, the help tights-c compound, but validation of the entire fro platform. >> in terms of who you are tack talking about, because they don't have a core interest in hep-c, would it be gilead? >> basically if you look at the top four companies in the space competing for a market space, in fact 5, i would name gilead, merck, and j & j, those are all potential companies that we can
5:36 pm
attempt to combine rg-101 with some of their medicines to maximize the outpit for the hepatitis-c patients. >> thank you for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. quickly, meg, in terms of your reaction. you made a good point. obviously everyone was surprised by this, taken off-guard. >> it's such a new area, and so it's really interests to see this technology. this is micro-rnas, which is different from the other players. >> how would you trade this? would you step into the stock or go into the potential partners? itches i like the partners. , that was mentioned by the ceo as well. meg tirrell, thank you so much. is marisa meyers' turn around actually working? that's next. ♪
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(train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. dan's at the smart board. when you talk about unusual activity, you never know what's going on here today. total volume was two times the average daily volume, but there
5:40 pm
was one trade today, after the opening where a trader brought back to close and sold to open 10,000 or the novelty call to open. i suspect this is an overriding trade against a lock stock position, with the traders basically to take in -- i just want to make one point. when you look at the chart, that break even is well above current levels. >> pete, just quickly, you still stick with yahoo!? i realize i still stick with it, look it, and at whole company as a whole, i think this thing is still close to $50. >> guy, what do you say? >> i had set 45. somewhere between 45 and 50 is where it goes. pete will probably be right on this. you asked me what can marissa mayer -- i doesr. for more check out friday.
5:41 pm
it is time for, surprise, surprise, the final trade, around the horn? >> i don't like these large u.s. multinationals, though, you know, home despoke is primarily here in the u.s. >> so not surprising. hyg, i agree with pretty much everybody who's been on this program. it's in a bubble, it is a bubble. i did it via puts. >> pete? >> merck, el liked they for a long time. a stock i own, not necessarily just options, but i've owned it for a long time. i like what they're doing on top of everything else, and you get a different along the why? >> guy, the halcyon days -- >> nice. >> adorbs. >> totes. >> pete has been there.
5:42 pm
>> nice call into i'm melissa lee. that's does it for us here on fast. catch back here tomorrow at 5:00, but up next, don't go anywhere, a new breed of crowd planning looks nothing like kickstarter, with a stomach for -- and potential for big returns. it's already helped entrepreneur raise hundreds. see it all in action in "the cash crowd" right after this break.
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welcome to "the cash crowd" where entrepreneurs make the pitch of their lives. first, let's get you up to speed. >> now there's a new time of crowd funding, where private business owners can raise the money by offer equity to the crowd. it's called equity crownedfunding. to invest you need to be an accredited investor. what the s.e.c. defines as individuals who make at least $200,000 a year, or have more than $1 million in assets. not including your private residence. there are dozens of platforms doing this. since equity crowd did not funding became legal in 2013,
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it's been used by hundreds of companies. tens of thousands of investors, and already helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars. now, we're going to introduce you to entrepreneurs who are raising money through crowdfunding at this very moment. >> there's a lot at stake here for us. >> and put them face-to-face with some of the top business minds in america who may want in. >> we're here to raise $500,000 to a million. >> they have 30 seconds to pitch their company. >> i'm all in. >> to the super panel and to you. >> i'm christopher hubbard. i'm going to change the world. >> for the first time on tv, see what has the passion, the dedication, and the right business plan to convince the crowd, the cash crowd. every deal pip on the cash crowd is taupe to a crowd of accredited investors, who can get in online. know this -- whiz start-up
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investments have potential for explosive growth. they're also potential extremely high-risk. you'll mea the entrepreneurs in a moment. first, who they're here to pitch to. >> lynn tilten, self-made billionaire and owner of the largest woman-owned business in america. she's invested in and restructured more than 240 companies. she owns md helicopters, rand mcnally, steeler cosmetics and more than 70 other companies. >> eric ryan. cofounder of method, a brand he started in his apartment and turned into one of the fastest growing -- with sales over 150 million in 2013. barry kneelbaum, business professor at yale and cofound irof honest tea, a company he started with one of his students and eventually cold to coca-cola for an undisclosed amount. >> here are entrepreneurs hungry
5:48 pm
to fill the next empire on a food you may never have heard of. >> i'm the founder add ceo of koso fresh. my mother has been a restaurant tour for 40 years. i never thought i would get into the food market. i guess it was in my blood. >> if you like spicy, i would recommend the kim which i. -- chi. >> we serve a proukd called -- it's a korean rice bowel. we recently brought on a new partner in the business. nick romano is a good friend of mine from high school. >> part of what we are trying to do with koso fresh is establish an identify. i think we can take this business very far. >> we are hungry for growth. timing is everything. we're considered the pioneers in
5:49 pm
the space we're in, and can capitalize on that momentum. >> we have put our blood, sweat and tears in our effort. there's a lot at stake here. >> welcome to the cash crowd. koso fresh is raising money on sir club. the deal you're pitches is to investors online and the ones here in the studio. john paul? >> we're looking to raise dwlr 1.5 million. >> you have opt to do pitch solo, so nick, can you step out of the way for us, please? john paul, the cash crowd is ready. you have 30 seconds. koso fresh is a concept that specialized in korean food. the combination mix together to create a healthy, delicious and accessible meal. korean cuisine has seen explosive growth. we want to capitalize on that momentum. it's a fresh casual response to the rising popularity in korean food. we offer deconstructed meals, in
5:50 pm
an assembly line model where customers can build according to their palates. we're seeking use you are help. >> and you finished early, john paul. >> oh, nice. >> congratulations. panel, they're all yours. listen, kick us off. >> i'm always looking for the dream, right? i'm sure your dream isn't this one restaurant, so how do i really grow with you? what is the dream you're trying to create here? >> well, korean cuisine is a relatively small market here, but one of the most exciting elements in the food space. so quick-service restaurants currently grow at 3.5%, fast casual is growing about 9.5%, and korean cuisine itself is at 15%. we're in the largest market within that. we believe it can be a disruptive concept. >> why don't you have a taste?
5:51 pm
they have served the food in front of you. lift up and see what the product is. eric, further questions. >> your entire business model success is based on scale. what are the biggest barriers to scale for you? >> the biggest bar yes, sir for us is raising the capital to get our first retail store on the ground. we're here today to raise that capital. we believe that we've calculated out to be 650,000 to get our first on the ground. one we demonstrate to other investors the performance, we will be able to scale that model over and over again, first within new york and then across the country. >> professor? [ speaking foreign language ] >> welcome, sir. >> wow. >> you are in essen the korean boot -- how do we know -- what's the evidence that americans are ready for kimchi? >> we have basically taken the last two years and proven the concept. so the path that we took to
5:52 pm
where we are today is that we want it to have as many mouths as possible taste our food, have time to refine our recipe, build or brand, our infrastructure, and get the logistics under control, we have actually been in 20 different locations all over new york, and investment banks and office buildings, and two pop-up stores which have been successful. we have that market data we can take to start of retail concept. my question is if you're trying to buy the retail spice, why are you asking for a million and a half for a 650,000 -- >> salaries, when this dream is about growth and getting as many meals into people's hands. >> no, what we're trying to do with the 1.5 million, 650 is building up the retail model. we do have some work capital needs we would like to take care of. we need to fund that growth by
5:53 pm
purchasing more supplies, and building out our team. the management team, we do need to scale, we need an operation manager, need to add folks if the yich, and someone to add on the retail front >> i think you're building a team before you have a business. i think it could be a big mistakesisms the food is great, talked to us more about the retail concept. what will differentiate you? how is the brand different? obviously a lot of others are eyeing a similar space. >> absolutely. korean food in general is not a very popular market today. it is growing and growing rapidly. what we want to do is bring that cultural experience to the customer, including greetings, including the entire processes that goes from the grains and the granular levels of deconstruction to rebuilding of an entire meal. it's time to talk cash. we'll get answers, after this. and is the online crowd hungry for this deal?
5:54 pm
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crowd." this is the moment of truth for john paul lee and nick romano. they delivered their pitch, knolls it's time to talk money. today's ask, up to $1.5 million. since september the company has generated $25,000 in commitments, but koso fresh must raise a minimum a quarter of a million or those commitments will not be funded. guys, it is decision time. the minimum investment starts at $25,000. eric, they asked to hear your verdict first. >> sure. john paul, there's a lot to like here. you have great hustle. second-time entrepreneur, and the space makes a lot of sense. from the growth of casual fast, the growing pop later of asian food to health and wellness. there's a lot to like here, but i want to understand more about how you'll bring this retaillight to concept, if you truly have a different shay of
5:58 pm
platform. so i'm going to pass today, but i want to stay close, understand more, and a potential strong investor in the future. >> okay. profe professor? i love the fact you've done trial at corporate accounts. the food is delicious, so i'm in for $25,000 on two conditions. one is that i want the other investors to be in. by that, i mean, i don't want to be paying off debt. i want those people converting their debt to equity. the other, when it comes time to sign a bank loan, because you'll need it for working capital, i want you to give that guaranty. otherwise we'll have to raise too much equity. >> okay. lynn. >> i agree there's a lot to like. i think the concept is great. i think the food is great. i struggle with two things, that long-term vision, i think you started out so smart with a little working capital, getting the concept, but the one retail store i asked you for the dream of how you would then sell it to
5:59 pm
someone else or work with someone else. i didn't get that. the other thing is i owned three restaurants before i was 25, i know how hard the business is and how committed you need to be. i'm not in right now, but i want you to keep dreaming the dream. i think you need to refine your offering. i think fewer people right now, less debt, pay off, but i think you can really take it forward. >> gentlemen, you needed to hit $250,000 for knolls commitment to be funded. you have $50,000, so you're not funded yet. sorry. so for how long does the offering stay open now? >> well still have another 101 days, and we're also have a lot of great conversations off-line as well. >> and are you understanding you how you can move the conversation along so you will get the funding? >> absolutely. it's very helpful, and we have learned a lot today. >> very nice to meet you both. that's it for now, be sure
6:00 pm
to cash the next two entrepreneurs tomorrow at 2:45, and 5:45 eastern time here on cnbc. thanks for watching. "mad money" starts right now. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. >> hey, i'm cramer! welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain but also to put things in context days like today. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc, or tweet me @jimcramer. the machines are back. the machines that override everything good and focus


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